Mechanical Design Engineer


What is your approach to design?

I strip back a requirement to the bare necessities and look at how I can achieve the design criteria in the most simple and efficient way. Inspiration for my often outside the box ideas spring upon me when I least expect it.


What are your 3 favourite designed products?

After decades of use, my humble Logitech computer mouse instinctively melds the thoughts from my brain into commands on a computer. Likewise my BMW 3 series connects me so totally and surefootedly with the road that I think it from A to B. These products represent for me how seamless the connection between human and machine should be. Full Beam’s SpeedLED X12 is a ridiculously bright state of the art mountain biking light that makes even the most challenging and technical terrain fun in our long Scottish winter nights, turning night into day.


What Interests You?

Vegetable and fruit gardening. It’s fascinating and satisfying turning a tiny seed into a 6ft plant that gives me 5kg of vegetables with just a bit of dirt and water. My other passion is telescope making and astronomy; looking at the cloud belts of Jupiter or the valleys and craters on the moon like they are on on my backdoor step is an activity I’ll never tire of, long into the hours of dawn.


What product could you not live without?

My Makita cordless drill driver would live under my pillow if it was acceptable. I don’t see how I could have completed 3 house renovations without it.






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