Senior Design Engineer

In his role at i4, Stevie`s skills center around Sheet metal and 3D Design with a strong emphasis on Product Design for both end user and service engineers alike. Stevie has a long history in manufacturing, starting working life as an Engineering Apprentice, and fast progression into Design, Research & Development. Stevie joined i4 with experience of working within various sectors from catering equipment to hydraulic platforms. Stevie has a strong passion for expanding his knowledge in technologies & manufacturing techniques which i4’s broad client base covers.

What is your approach to design?
I have a very much “think outside the box” approach to my designs, I like to use my broad knowledge of engineering practices to problem solve and innovate solutions onto the screen. 

What are your three favourite designed products?
- Most concepts being developed by Boston Dynamics – they are pioneering future robotic & exoskeleton designs to the limit, It amazes me to seeing their robot standing, moving and jumping whilst maintaining perfect balance. 
- Microsoft Hololens – This mixed reality headset allows the user to have a holographic images projected directly in front of their eyes, It could in future enable users to work without the requirement of monitors and instead visualize products in 1:1 ratio, create interactive service manuals and instructions and could even be used to create a showroom of a client’s products in any space. 
- USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E, strange one I know, I’m not a trekkie, however I was a fan – out of all the designs used throughout the series of TV programs and films, this model was sleek, and beautifully balanced, it looks great from every view that the camera can pan on.  

What interests you?
Music, more so entertaining people with music – I enjoy on weekends entertaining people with an array of popular music, seeing their enjoyment of being on a dancefloor most of their night. 
I`m also a "Dance Dad". My daughter is a competitive dancer so I enjoy seeing her dance her socks off alongside her other team dancers. 
Skiing & Judo, I rarely get to do these now, however I do thankfully get to see my Son taking to the slope on a weekly basis to increase his level of skills. 


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