Product Designer

In his role at i4, Cameron’s skills centre around ID and 3D Design with a strong emphasis on aesthetics and ergonomics. Cameron graduated from Edinburgh Napier University where he then went on to work as a product designer on the Edinburgh Napier University Medical Technologies team. Cameron joined i4 with experience of working within the medical sector and a strong passion for expanding his knowledge to encompass the other industries which i4’s broad client base covers.

What is your approach to design?
With the right “what if” attitude most ideas can be moulded into innovative solutions through effective collaboration and design development. I like to put pencil to paper as early as possible in the design process to turn thoughts into images. I feel that this kick starts the creativity and gives any project a strong foundation to build on. 

What are your three favourite designed products?
- Eames lounge chair- An instantly recognisable piece of design replicated the world over by furniture companies but never quite to the standard of the real deal. Beautiful use of formed wood and it really just ticks the boxes for me. Maybe one day I will be able to afford one.
- Fossil rose gold and brown leather automatic watch- This is my daily watch simply because I love how it looks. It features a clear backing which although is never seen by anyone it’s just impressive to see all the minuscule internals working seamlessly together. Given that it’s an automatic watch it requires the user’s movement to power it. I think there is something quite poetic about your own movement essentially creating your time.
- Intempo iFi-01 iPod speaker- This was what I received for my 16th birthday as a present from my parents and to this day it fuels my night out preparations. From the minute I received it I fell in love. The depth of the base that comes out of it has made me very unpopular with neighbours for years.

What interests you?
I’ve played rugby from the age of 10 so naturally it’s a pretty big part of my life. Additionally, the endless stream of injuries seem to always provide amusement to my colleagues so it’s a win for everyone. I also like to paint and cook although the former has taken a backseat in recent years.

What product could you not live without?
Philips QT4050 Vacuum Beard Trimmer- Second only to my phone this is the product I use most often. At first a vacuum feature being built into a beard trimmer seemed to be a bit of a gimmick. But when my last beard trimmer broke I decided to take the risk and give it a try. Thankfully it has proved very useful in giving me some semblance of respectability in appearance, whilst drastically reducing the number of trimmed facial hairs that end up strewn across the bathroom counter. This product was especially interesting to me after I spent six months living abroad in the Netherlands on a university exchange, where I was lucky enough to work on a live project with Philips and their male grooming team.



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