Product Designer

From a consultancy background, with over 10 years of product development experience, Marc brings a broad knowledge of manufacturing processes, an enthusiasm for problem solving and a wealth of experience in taking projects from initial concept through to production.

What is your approach to design?
Ask questions! One of the best parts of working in a design consultancy is that every project is unique. Due to this it is important to understand the specific product criteria and the client’s goals from the outset, identifying the challenging areas of the project early on and using the initial phases to really explore a projects potential, before combining ideals and refining a workable concept.

What are your three favourite designed products?
Bose SoundLink Mini - I carry this with me around the house and further. The product’s compact design, material selection and weight gives the Bluetooth speaker a solid quality feel and it really packs a punch, with a surprising amount of base and control for such a small speaker. 
Forlife Stump Teapot - Finally a spout that pours without dripping! I use this every day, clean styling, great finish and functions perfectly.
Anglepoise Type 75 - I enjoy the refined styling of the Type 75 almost as much as the movement of the Anglepoise mechanism.

What interests you?
Carpentry, I’ve always enjoyed making thing and working with wood, from building a table or storage solution, to turning a bowl or light pull.
Playing games, I do it purely to support friends in the games industry, honest!
Being outside, from BBQ’s in the summer to crawling around in the pouring rain at a military fitness class.

What product could you not live without?
My contact lenses, it is amazing how a 10mm diameter, CNC machined piece of plastic can bring an otherwise blurry world into focus.

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