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The turnkey development partner journey to manufactur

For the past 17 years i4 Product Design has been a trusted design and development partner for well-known brands, helping to bring over 200 products to market.

i4pd is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company with our own dedicated design and prototyping facility.

We are a financially stable Employee-Owned business whose majority of business is derived through repeat clients. The accessible location of our Edinburgh studio and company structure makes our offering more cost effective than other consultancies (such as those in London and Cambridge).

Through our multidisciplinary services, we add an extra dimension to our clients’ vision and strategy, using the best creative and engineering design talent to bring both new concepts and improved products to market. As an independent firm (not affiliated with any contract manufacturers), our clients can be confident that all IP generated during a project is their own and the design-work can be manufactured anywhere in the world, ensuring the safety of their supply chain and cost competitiveness of their product.


There are plenty of good product designers and good design engineers out there. However ‘good’ simply wasn’t good enough for me. I had to source an exceptional company that could get under the skin of our product and vision and deliver a new design that takes into account a variety of complex challenges, including timescales.

Managing Director of Nomadix Media

We would welcome the opportunity to present our company and be evaluated as a supplier of design and engineering services for your company.

Contact us by email with your questionnaire or book a call today where we can provide additional information including indications of rates/budgets for i4pd's support.

Detailed case studies can be viewed and shared from here.


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