i4 Product Design Provides Insights at Medical Device Manufacturing Webinar Posted on 04/12/2020

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i4 Product Design are proud to participate in this year's 'Medical Device Manufacturing – Overview, Industry Best Practices and Innovations' webinar hosted by the Medical Device Manufacturing Centre (MDMC). Taking place on Zoom, the webinar features practical presentations and question & answer sessions with industry experts, including our Development Director, Gordon Miller, and Regulatory Affairs Expert, Rachael Turkington.

MDMC's 'Medical Device Manufacturing' online seminar will be of interest to manufacturers without experience of developing medical devices, as well as seasoned medical device businesses seeking the latest insights from design experts. The afternoon promises an overview of Scotland’s product design landscape and services available to enterprises, an introduction to regulatory aspects of medical device design, descriptions of pathways for accelerating medical device development, in addition to key considerations for the design of single use devices.



"The presentation focuses on early stage documentation called the ‘Regulatory & Clinical Strategy’, the benefits of this specific document, and how information compiled in the strategy later feeds into the 'Verification' stage", comments Rachael Turkington. She continues, "It also highlights a feedback loop that checks if the design outputs of the Verification stage are aligned with the long term goals of the Regulatory & Clinical Strategy."

Throughout the presentation, i4pd will also be joined by Scottish design companies Wideblue, The Medical Device Company, plus Integrated Graphene, that is presenting an innovative technology platform, 3D graphene foam. The discussion delivered with a live question & answer session offers listeners the opportunity to ask our design experts questions related to medical technologies.

The Medical Device Manufacturing Centre's 'Medical Device Manufacturing' webinar will be taking place on Thursday 10th Decemeber, 2pm - 4pm (GMT), and complementary tickets can be picked up via EventBrite here.