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The Bedi Shield facilitates the administration of personal dental activities like brushing, denture cleaning, giving medication, applying mouth swabs, dental checks and other activities.


The Brief

i4 were tasked to redesign Bedi’s current product on the market which came in two sizes, to produce a one-size fits all dental shield to protect the fingers of carers of vulnerable patients. The product was to have a strong aesthetic appeal, be manufactured in the UK and provide a more comfortable bite surface for the patient.

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Our Approach

We worked with Raman Bedi, founder of Bedi OralCare, to design and manufacture the Bedi Shield – the first in their family of dental oral care products. Intensive ergonomic studies of anthropometric data and an iterative prototyping process with 3D printed models meant we were able to design a solution that fitted the maximum user demographic with a one-size product. We produced a dual material product; a strong plastic core with an elastomer overmould that aids both the carer and improves patient comfort when interacting with the product. The Bedi Shield is manufactured within the UK and has helped to build the brand image of Bedi OralCare as their founding product. For more information see the Bedi OralCare website.

Since the release of the Bedi Shield the company have also expanded into animal health to support veterinary clinics safely administer medication and check the health of teeth. 


The Result

Two distinct product lines were created for the two legged and for legged patients. The company now sell their product online via their website and into the veterinary market via their partners at KRUUSE Retail. 

This is an awesome piece of kit. It is a basic process whereby the caregiver can easily clean the teeth of people living with dementia at any stage. It is safe. It is effective. Some people were hesitant at first. However, once they got used to it, and once they felt the benefit of having clean teeth and a clean mouth, they accepted it without hesitation. As a Clinical Dementia Specialists I will be recommending it to my patients.

Dr Daniel J Nightingale, Clinical Dementia Specialist

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