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To develop a cost effective, ergonomic and stylish audio toy suitable for use by kids between the ages of 6 to 11 years old. 

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Crocodile Clips, as an educational games software developer, chose i4 as their development partner to design their first hardware product, Bunja. From concept design through detailed engineering design, prototyping, pre-production manufacture and production support, i4 provided services for all aspects of the product development. It was important throughout the entire development to understand and implement the feedback we gathered from ongoing focus groups by refining the ergonomics of the design until we settled on the final ‘pebble’ shape design. Ergonomically adapted for personal and group use the final solution was compact, intuitive to use and designed in a way you would expect a high volume, cost effective electronics product should be.



Bunja was a great success and grasped the attention of the media and was selected as the Gadget of the week by the Scotsman.

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