i2eye Diagnostics.png


i4 was asked to develop a concept design for the redevelopment of a modern visual field testing device for the diagnosis and management of disorders of the eye, optic nerve, visual pathways and brain. The existing product utilised off the shelf components and the company was interested in lifting the image of the product and reducing with bill of materials where possible.

i2eye concepts.jpg

Approach & Result

As an initial exercise, i4 researched the existing actuator driven table and mobile medical diagnostic market to establish a base target for the product's aesthetics. After working through some mood boards several concepts were sketched and the preferred option (based on its form and ease of manufacture) was selected to be refined in Photoshop. The final concept was delivered to the client to use for fund raising exercise to fund the development of the revised version.

2015-0824-Portable-Visual -Diagnostics-670x264-1.jpg