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                               Why follow in others foot steps?



Optos had the ambition to position themselves as “the retina company”. We were approached with a challenge to develop an innovative desktop device to capture images of the retina that has never before been seen in the current marke

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The Daytona product leveraged cutting edge technology with a better patient experience in a small, ergonomic package. i4 engaged with ergonomists, optical and electrical engineers and manufacturing and servicing engineers to envision a product that met all their needs. A startling, contemporary enclosure, strengthening and supporting their brand vision was developed. We underwent extensive conceptualisation to create a new aesthetic and carried out full product development and engineering design of the plastic enclosure through to production and ongoing support.



We are extremely pleased to say the new product was embraced by the market, strengthening our relationship with Optos. The company has since been purchased by Nikon as the group's first medical device acquisition. Following the purchase of Optos, i4 has continued to support the R&D team bring to bring several more products to market.

The reception has been fantastic – not only is Daytona packed full of market-leading technology but we also believe the design of the instrument makes it more desirable. Many people are comparing it to some of Apple’s designs for the iPod and iPhone.

Roy Davis, CEO of Optos

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