Our relationship with Shot Scope began when CEO David Hunter selected i4 Product Design in 2016 to develop its next generation GPS golf watch – Shot Scope V2. We were challenged to design, engineer and support the manufacture of the device within eight months, ready for a 2017 summer launch.

Following the success of V2, a sell-out pre-sale campaign which attracted more than 5,000 users across 42 countries, the launch of the V3 watch had been highly anticipated. This time the product sold-out (25,000 units) within a few weeks.

Here’s how we approached the design.



2020-0714-V3 Project Background Square.jpg


The original Shot Scope system was a wrist worn device with a ‘Club Sense’ system, able to record the user’s exact point on the course where the ball was played, detect which club has been and the associated shot distance.

Shot Scope V2 combined this proven tracking technology with an integrated GPS range finder system which indicates the distance to the green on each hole as well as the position of difficult obstacles.

The V3 is designed to be the culmination of customer feedback on the V2, and its predecessor. This variant had to take the product from a low/medium volume niche ‘interesting piece of Tech’ to be a mainstream consumer product to take on the established players in the marketplace. 

Watch the full discussion between Shot Scope and the i4pd team about their partnership



 Here are the challenges we met:

  • Shrinking the entire design whilst adding additional functionality.
  • Upgraded for waterproof/splash proof, outdoor use.
  • As per V2, an antenna was to be over moulded into one of the straps.
  • Customer Detachable/interchangeable straps for consumer, colour coordination
  • Two shot mouldings and Over-moulding to achieve the required Aesthetic
  • Designed to fit a wider range of wrist sizes
  • More cost effective manufacturing and assembly with a high yield level. (i.e. low ‘scrappage’).
1096-V3 initial concept 01b-A.jpg
1096-V3 CMF ref concept 5-C.jpg
1096-V3 CMF ref concept 1-B.jpg (1)
1096-V3 CMF ref concept 2-D.jpg
2020-0714-Concept Sketch Square.jpg


Much like the V2 design, focus was again on the straps. Not only was an internal antenna required, but they also had to be interchangeable for customer customisation. Architecture concepts were created with input from Shot Scope and their manufacturing partner.

  • Rapid ideation with in-parallel ID concepts explored.
  • Quick build CAD and 3D printed prototypes were produced to verify the Architecture / concepts
  • Close communication with Client and manufacturing partner to ensure a smooth design process
2020-0714-Body Tooling Square.jpg


  • Architecture concepts and product styling was explored simultaneously and discussed to get a feel of the aesthetic style Shot Scope were looking for to fit their market segment.
  • We were told to assume a flat glass lens and had the freedom to move away from the the integrated strap/enclosure look as used by the V2. We were also instructed to make a feature of the RFID strap.
  • A hexagonal pattern was added to the straps for aesthetic purposes.
2020-0714- Prototyping square.jpg


Using the i4pd studio’s lab, in-house 3D prints quickly allowed for previewing the size and form of the proposed design/‘A’ surface CAD. This also enabled variations of individual components to be prototyped and tested quickly without impacting the overall timescales such as the buckle clasp with differing lengths.

Once the design for the engineering stage was nearly complete, high-resolution 3D prints were produced, allowing assembly tests to be conducted as well as Human-Factor testing for ergonomics. Rubber like 3D print material was used to prototype the straps which gave promising feedback.

i4pd have the knowledge, skills and experience to take a product from concept through to volume manufacturing. Their background was essential during development of the Shot Scope product. The team worked in parallel with the Shot Scope electronics designers to ensure a commercial product that could be manufactured in volume was produced.

David Hunter, CEO of Shot Scope Ltd.

2020-0714-Strap Tooling Square.jpg

Tooling & Manufacturing Support

Right from the start of the project, i4pd were in close communications with Shot Scope’s preferred manufacturing partner. This meant that from the beginning tooling capabilities were known and resulted in a robust and well considered design from the start. Architecture concepts were shared with them and they provided valuable feedback.

The main body has an over moulding process & twin shot tooling. The charging pins to the ABS body substrate, and then the second shot moulding of ABS acting as a colour break (initially it was to be TPE over-mould).

The straps also have an over-mould process with the ABS strap mounts and antenna assembled to one half of the silicone strap and the second shot of silicone on top. i4pd provided constant support for the design data pack to the client and manufacturing team

The Result

Shot Scope's Founder & CTO discuss their experience working with i4pd

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