To develop a bolus which wirelessly monitors rumen pH and temperature for the Bovine Welfare Industry. 


Approach & Result

i4 took a fresh look at packaging the bolus and the problems associated with contamination. Through a process of design and testing we developed a volume manufacturing solution to a technically challenging problem. i4 supplied complete component manufacturing data and assisted with tooling and productionisation. Click here for more information on the Well Cow Bolus and how it works.

The bolus is inserted orally and once inside the rumen it logs the pH level every 15 minutes. The data is downloaded wirelessly utilising a ‘receiver’ to a laptop computer. If pH levels are not right, it will indicate that something needs to be changed in the cattle’s diet. By analysing the acidity in the cow’s stomach you can identify digestive problems at an early stage and correct them promptly. This will improve the efficiency of milk production, with the consequence that you are more environmentally friendly - you need fewer cows and less feed to produce the milk required.



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