Iconic & Designed for Manufacture

The Flymo UltraGlide offers more efficient mowing with a radical new hover technology.

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Unique & Inclusive

A revolutionary electro-stimulation slimming device with a one size fits all head band.

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Sleek & Elegant

A next generation in-crowd multimedia platform with an overhead screen secured by a comfortable harness. All wrapped up in a contemporary, bold enclosure.

Meet the iWalker

We are a company that thrives on creativity and passion for design.
Our multidisciplinary team have the expertise under to support companies in bring their products to market with a competitive edge.

Case study

Performance tracking

Our Industrial Design and Engineering team worked tirelessly with the Shot Scope team to design and engineer the most sophisticated golf performance tracking watch available on the market. The close collaboration saw their 2nd generation product developed within tight timelines.

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Case study

Retinal Imaging

Following on from Daytona's success in the optometrist market, California was the 2nd device born from our partnership with Optos. The design has won the 2019 Queens Award for Enterprise Innovation.

ISO 9001 & 13485 Certified

Design Insights

Wearable devices

As a product design consultancy, one of the many challenges we have when developing new products is how to make electronic devices ergonomic. Most products by their nature require human interaction in some form, from button accessibility to 24 hour a day wearable technology...

Industrial Design | Mechanical Engineering | Electronic Engineering | Embedded Software

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Our team work across the consumer electronics, medical, industrial and renewable sectors.

Our work

I was very impressed by the commitment and attention to detail of the design and engineering team at i4. This combined with excellent project management guaranteed a good solution delivered on time.



The Flymo UltraGlide project could not have been delivered without the team at i4. Design review meetings with the team from i4 are always valuable as they spark off multiple solutions that enable us to achieve a coherent design in a very short but intense time.

Flymo Design Manager .

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The reception has been fantastic – not only is Daytona packed full of market-leading technology but we also believe the design of the instrument makes it more desirable. Many people are comparing it to some of Apple’s designs for the iPod and iPhone.

CEO of Optos .

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There are plenty of good product designers and good design engineers out there. However ‘good’ simply wasn’t good enough for me. I had to source an exceptional company that could get under the skin of our product and vision and deliver a new design that takes into account a variety of complex challenges, including timescales.

Managing Director .

Nomadix Media – iWalker

We continue to contract i4 for their innovative and responsive approach, technical proficiency and effective supply chain. They allow us to react to and provide solutions for such diverse issues.

Head of Service, Nordex UK / Ireland .

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