Prototyping & Testing

Dedicating sufficient time and effort to prototyping is both fundamental to a product passing any formal compliance testing but also verifying its acceptance in the market (pre-launch).

At i4pd we have a dedicated 3,300 sq facility to fabricate, assemble and test prototypes. Whether they are non-functional ergonomic models or looks-like works-like pre-production prototypes. We also work with an extensive network of suppliers for occasions where we don't have a particular fabrication or test capabilities in-house.
Do you need rough mechanical models to test if your design is capable of fitting the 5th - 95th percentile body size range?

Do you need an appearance model for marketing or fundraising purposes?

Do you need a small batch of functional PCBs to test your products core functionality?

We have the facilities and engineers to make this happen.

Looking for a fearless product design partner?

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Meet the key member of our team

Marco, Senior Mechanical Engineer & Employee Director

"I strip back a requirement to the bare necessities and look at how I can achieve the design criteria in the most simple and efficient way."
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What’s the biggest ‘project killer’?
Incomplete product requirements.

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