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We are a company that thrives on creativity and passion for design and engineering. As a team we share the same beliefs and help support companies bring their products to market with a competitive edge.

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an intrinsic element within our design process and is the discipline which is pivotal in producing the desired brand look of a product, reliable functionality, ease of manufacture/assembly at a competitive manufacturing cost. We continually strive to minimise part count, reduce complexity where possible and develop designs that are safe and cost effective to produce. The thought process for satisfying these high level requirements are at the front of the minds of our designers from the very offset of the scoping phase, right through the stages of early concept development, into the detailed engineering design stage and beyond.

View the Flymo Ultraglide case study as just one example of how i4pd can transform a concept into a precision engineered design for high volume manufacture.

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Electronics & Software Engineering

Whilst many of our clients often have in-house expertise in their product and application area, we are increasingly relied upon to complement their internal development teams with high calibre design and development engineers that help get products to market faster. Our design team includes electronics & firmware engineers who enable a fully integrated technology-driven design service where the electronics and software elements are considered together with the industrial design and mechanical engineering from the outset. Our team keeps pace with the complexity and fast moving nature of technology today and where we don't have a particular expertise in-house we work with similarly established partners to deliver a full design and development service. With this approach we can ensure that the i4pd team work closely with you to deliver the optimum design solution for your needs now and in the future.

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Industrial Design

At the outset of a development project we research the market, consider what competitors are doing and determine what is perceived as good or bad practice. We evaluate ergonomic and accessibility issues as well as mechanical challenges such as ruggedness or performance in harsh environments. At the same time we consider how to realise the client’s aspirations for the look and feel for the product and the brand.

The concept generation phase is where we challenge the product research, explore alternatives and stretch our creativity to introduce new ideas. This formative and iterative process is where real team work comes into play, validating the concepts from inception through to a pragmatic point of transition into detailed refinement within the subsequent engineering phase.

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During the design and engineering phases there are many ways we can bring product ideas to life by creating prototype models and development boards.

The prototyping technology deployed depends very much on the intended purpose but some example applications could be to test and evolve algorithms, mechanical fit and form, ingress protection, pre-compliance, pre-launch seed units, marketing imagery or for use as part of an ergonomic study for user focus groups.

Typical 3D printing techniques we deploy include SLS, SLA, FDM as well as more traditional processes such as sheet-metal fabrication, casting, CNC, vacuum castings, thermo-forming with the complementary labeling, painting and printing processes as required. For rapid turnaround PCBs we have an extensive supply chain. View the Tailwind case study as just one example of our i4pd's prototyping service.

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Manufacturing Support

Our expertise is not only in design; at i4pd we have a huge pool of collective experience for identifying the most appropriate manufacturing & production processes suitable for our clients requirements. Throughout the years we have developed a network of vendors both in the UK and the Far East, where we have developed close relationships to ensure good lines of communication and quality of delivery. We generate and supply data packs to our vendors which include detailed 3D CAD geometry and accompanying documentation which is capable of being produced by manufacturing companies anywhere in the world.

View the Zonal i700 case study as just one example of i4pd's tooling and manufacturing support service.

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Project Management

Our project management process determines the product requirements, duration, milestone timing, resourcing and consequently the budget required for each job. One of the essential parts of our project management process is the scoping phase which allows the team to work closely with the client to establish key requirements and to identify the main design challenges. This exercise allows us to propose an effective product development strategy and as accurate an estimate on development times and costs as we can at that time. If required, we can also include a feasibility phase to identify and isolate any fundamental technical challenges that might have been identified. 

Our ISO 9001 & 13485 quality management systems have become embedded within everything we do during a project. i4pd's design process and supporting documentation are constantly being refined and improved to ensure our team produces precision work within budget and the agreed timelines.

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Regulatory Affairs

Are you familiar with what guidance, standards and laws apply to your product in the geographies you are planning to operate in? Do you need support generating a technical file and speaking with regulators and test houses to ensure you are compliant? Are you at risk of over engineering and over testing your product? i4pd would love to help.

Our diverse client base operate in the relatively straightforward consumer electronics and industrial equipment markets but also the highly regulated Medical Device field. i4pd's in-house regulatory affairs consultant can support you with generating or proofing your initial technical requirements, verification test plan, packaging and labeling. We can also help identify what laws and standards apply to consumer electronics and their implication on your development plan and budget.

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