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We are a company that thrives on creativity and passion for design and engineering. As a team we share the same beliefs and help support companies bring their products to market with a competitive edge.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an intrinsic element within our design process and is the discipline which is pivotal in producing the desired brand look of a product, reliable functionality, ease of manufacture/assembly at a competitive manufacturing cost.
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Electronic Engineering

Our team keeps pace with the complexity and fast moving nature of technology today. We employ a system engineering approach, producing early design concepts and top level architecture to frame the development work. In addition to bespoke electronics design we also support redesigns for the purpose of new functionality or sourcing of alternative parts.
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Software Development

Our software capabilities include:
• Real-time (embedded) software development
• Companion Windows & Mobile Device application development
• Algorithm development & modelling (including Octave or Matlab)
• Multiple coding languages (C, C++, C#, Java & Python)
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Industrial Design

The concept generation phase is where we challenge the product research, explore alternatives and stretch our creativity to introduce new ideas. This formative and iterative process is where real team work comes into play.
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During the design and engineering phases there are many ways we can bring product ideas to life by creating prototype models and development boards. The prototyping technology deployed depends very much on the intended purpose. For rapid turnaround PCBs we have an extensive supply chain.
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Manufacturing Support

At i4pd we have a huge pool of collective experience for identifying the most appropriate manufacturing & production processes suitable for our clients requirements. We have developed a network of vendors both in the UK and the Far East.
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Project Management

Our project management process determines the product requirements, duration, milestone timing, resourcing and consequently the budget required for each job. Through our process the team works closely with the client to establish key requirements and to identify the main design challenges.
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Regulatory Affairs

i4pd's in-house regulatory affairs consultant can support you with generating or proofing your initial technical requirements, verification test plan, packaging and labeling. We can also help identify what laws and standards apply to consumer electronics.
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We strive to find new, better, and more efficient design solutions.

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About i4 product design
April 30, 2021

Energy harvesting card uses 5G to create wireless power grid

Georgia Institute of Technology announces it has developed a 3D-printed rectifying antenna the size of a playing card
April 12, 2021

V&A Dundee announces national design role for economic recovery

V&A Dundee will develop Scotland’s centre for design over the next three years, supported by the Scottish
March 12, 2021

BMW races to production of i4 with M-Performance Model in 2021

BMW confirms an M-division electric performance model of the 'i4' automobile is slated to be unveiled this year,

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