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i4pd History

Our product design consultancy was established in 2003. The four founders had a vision of creating a firm that would grow alongside our clients by producing best in class designs. It proved a sound approach with over 80% of our projects derived from repeat business.

Recent Years

In 2018 i4pd transitioned to become an employee owned business. We have grown in size and capability, now offering a turn key centre of excellence of designers, innovators and engineers who collaborate as one team to deliver both eye-catching and beautifully engineered solutions.

Through our multidisciplinary services, we add an extra dimension to our clients’ vision and strategy, using the best creative and engineering design talent to bring both new concepts and improved products to market. The company also runs its own internally funded innovation programmes.
We integrate, augment or act as a turnkey development partner.
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Our Team

i4pd's consulting expertise is underpinned by industry experience that offers a fine balance of design elegance and practical engineering excellence.

From concept development, to project delivery, we draw on the proven expertise of our creative designers and experienced engineers who work in collaboration with your team to deliver unique and effective products.

Meet our team Leaders


Managing Director
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Business Development Director
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Project Manager Lead
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Employee Director & Project Manager
Meet Bronagh


Product Design Lead
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Electronics & Systems Lead
Meet Istvan


Product Design Lead
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Software Lead
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Regulatory Lead
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Mechanical Design Lead
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Our Services

As a full service product design consultancy, our experienced team provides the complete range of design and development support. Whether it is the integration of one, two or all our disciplines on offer, our highly experienced team of project managers, designers and engineers can complement your in-house expertise to deliver projects on time and budget. Explore our services to learn more about what i4pd can bring to each stage of your product development journey.

Vision & values

As a highly-professional team, who aims to consistently create high quality, commercially successful products, we share the same beliefs, bringing clients’ products to market through these six cornerstones:




We understand that each and every client’s business and sector are unique. i4 is versatile in tailoring its solutions across many sectors through calm and considered design.




Ground-breaking products wouldn’t go far without passion. Whether your project challenge is complexity, originality or short lead times, our team is passionate in bringing them to life.

Best practice

Best practice

Best practice

By adhering and continuously improving our ISO quality system we ensure projects are delivered professionally and on-time which meet or exceeds agreed objectives.




We’ll tell you like it is. No conjecture. No inflated project proposals. Using our vast experience, we will make honest proposals on how best to research, organise and deliver projects.




i4 thrives off collaborating with clients and partners. It’s what makes us tick and to nurture and grow ideas together. We can then take your business, brand and products to new and exciting places.




Innovation is vital to set your business and product design apart from the competition. The result? We design and develop products that are elegant in function with outstanding performance.

our partners

You can't achieve great design
without great collaborations.

  • i4PD have been working with Firefinch Software as their preferred application and data science solutions partner for many years. Their team of experienced software developers work with i4pd and their clients to create cloud, web, desktop, and mobile applications.
  • i4pd is a clear leader in the product design field so partnering with them was an easy decision. They not only share our passion for innovation but, since joining in 2019, have been a committed and active partner doing all they can to help early-stage entrepreneurs thrive.
  • i4pd has been a member of Technology Scotland since 2019 and were a founding member of our Product Design Scotland Network. They help to shape the goals and objectives of the network and contribute to activities that are supporting technology developers and entrepreneurs on their journey from concept to commercialisation.
  • i4PD have partnered with Scottish EDGE, a competition aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth entrepreneurial talent. As part of the EDGE Alumni programme, i4PD provide these companies with tailored guidance and financial support to help them along their product development journey.
  • i4pd was funded by Innovate UK as part of the Smarter Manufacturing Challenge to develop, in collaboration with partners, an automated cost estimator for manufacturing costs. The funding was pivotal in paving the way for our collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and other partners to develop an innovative software platform that will become an invaluable resource for designers and supply chain experts alike.

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