Meet Caroline

Project Manager Lead
Caroline - Product Design Principal Project Manager

With a background in Product Development, Design Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and in Project Management, Caroline has an extensive experience in product development lifecycle.

With over 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and over 5 years in the B2B commercial industry, she is leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver value to the client, within highly regulated industries, in a timely fashion and within strict budget constraints.


What is your approach to Project Management?

My priority is to deliver value to the client. To define and agree on a very detailed set of requirements and  understand to what level deliverables are needed, when they'll be needed and why.

Communication is only successful if it's two-way. I'm always ready to discuss a change in requirements, unexpected constraints or a change of plans. Projects are full of complexities which can be overcome with clear and consistent communication. This includes good documentation which is key to delivering a successful project.

Importantly I'm never afraid to learn and evolve. Every project is unique!


What interests you?

I moved to Scotland 3 years ago to be able to enjoy outdoor activities. I love hiking and discovering new places with my family, whatever the weather.

I also enjoy music as I play piano and recorder.

"An empowered team with good design & development processes will turn problems into solutions."


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