Meet Tristan

Business Development Director

Tristan joined i4 Product Design in 2014 and became a company director in 2020. Alongside his Directorial responsibilities he works with new clients to develop their brief , plan and cost out their development.

His early career was focused on the design of novel therapeutics and their regulatory approval where he represented a consultancy that specialised in novel vaccines, antibodies and gene therapies. Prior to joining i4pd was the General Manager for a company that designed and manufactured sustainable wastewater treatment systems. He graduated from the University of Queensland in Australia with an honours degree in Biotechnology.

What is your approach to working with clients?
I do my best to foster mutual respect at every point of engagement, from initial contact to checking in on the progress of the resulting project. Not every project will be suitable to outsource or a good fit i4pd. It’s important as early as possible to understand the match between both parties and work out the best plan for a client based on their stage, size and capabilities.

Product development is a technical undertaking but it has people at the heart of it so a one-size-fits-all solution will rarely work. That’s why every project proposal is unique and the estimation always involves our designers and engineers from the outset.

What are your three favourite designed products?

AfterShokz Aeropex – This was a COVID lockdown treat that I bought myself to maximise the enjoyment from the one outing of exercise we were allowed each day. The bone conducting works really well with clear sound and importantly doesn’t prevent you from hearing ambient sounds like road traffic. They are also my day to day wireless headphones for work now and their slim design means that you hardly notice them on calls. The high IP rating and magnetic connector charges are a great touch.

Yoto – This is a screen free audio player for children with cards that you can insert to play audio books and music. It is intuitive for a 3 year old and has kept my daughter entertained for hours in the car. It’s a lovely looking design with a friendly texture. Being battery powered and rouged is very handy for taking on holidays.

Ridgeback Flight – this 2015 model carried me to and from work each day and made the 600ft accent to the studio a breeze. It was only retired 6 years later after thousands of miles. My replacement is no substitute!

What interests you?
Bicycle touring, gardening, bouldering and DIY. Anything that gets me outside and my daughter can join in.

"At i4pd we are passionate about using the latest tools to develop the best possible products for our clients"


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