Meet Istvan

Electronics & Systems Lead

On graduating from ISEN group – an Electronics and Digital Engineering School in France – Istvan relocated to Scotland where he started his career as a Hardware Engineer for Edinburgh Instruments and Optos (a Nikon company). He was responsible for designing a new generation of gas sensors for Edinburgh Instruments and worked on various modules of the ultra-widefield medical scanners for Optos. Through his experience, he acquired a strong knowledge in electronics design and more specifically optoelectronics. He has also followed the entire product lifecycles for the majority of these projects, managing the entire process from gathering requirements through to product launch. More recently he progressed to become Principal System Engineer at pureLiFi where he was working on a mobile wireless communication technology that uses light, strengthening his knowledge in Optoelectronics furthermore, and also gaining experience in microelectronics and Systems in Package while working on the miniaturisation of LiFi transceivers.

What is your approach to design?
I believe that for a new product to truly make a positive impact on your end user it’s crucial to start the development with a very strong set of requirements. Identifying and agreeing the requirements early makes the whole design process a lot more rewarding and enjoyable for everyone. It’s also the best way to measure the quality of the deliverables. I also believe in pragmatic design, whilst I love inventing and thinking of outside of the box, I also believe in re-using known working (boxed) designs where possible to shrink timelines and development budgets.

What are your three favourite designed products?
The Creme Tempo Doppio bicycle - Whilst there a so many choices (new and second hand) on the market these days it stands out to me because it addresses the specific needs of the commuter’s bike (i.e. low maintenance, robust and comfortable riding). It also helps that this is packaged in a sleek, beautiful look. I really enjoy a product which can be practical and beautiful.

Nintendo Wii - This was such a revolution in the video game world when it came out, a console which can be played by the entire family, and where it’s not about sitting on the sofa anymore. This was achieved by using state of the art electronics, and - I believe - is a perfect example of a successful user focused product.

Banana Guard - a very simple idea, but this is the most practical object ever, addressing an issue that pretty much everyone has experienced: the squashed banana in the backpack. . .

What interests you?
Music: I play the fiddle in a band and other instruments too. I love music in general.
Bicycle: I am not necessarily a racing cyclist, but I am fascinated by the mechanics of the bicycle, and I love restoring and improving classic bikes.
I also love cooking, building & DIY, architecture, walking. . . It’s quite hard to give a finite list here!

"I believe that for a new product to truly make a positive impact on your end user it’s crucial to start the development with a very strong set of requirements."


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