Project Management

Our project management process determines the product requirements, duration, milestone timing, resourcing and consequently the budget required for each job. One of the essential parts of our project management process is the scoping phase which allows the team to work closely with the client to establish key requirements and to identify the main design challenges. This exercise allows us to propose an effective product development strategy and as accurate an estimate on development times and costs.
If required, we can also include a feasibility phase to identify and isolate any fundamental technical challenges that might have been identified.

Our ISO 9001 & 13485 quality management systems have become embedded within everything we do during a project. i4pd's design process and supporting documentation are constantly being refined and improved to ensure our team produces precision work within budget and the agreed timelines.

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Andrew, Project Manager

Andrew has over 35 years’ experience as an Industrial Designer and this shows in the quality and dedication he gives to his work at i4pd as one of our Project Managers.
Andrew | Team member i4pd

What’s the biggest ‘project killer’?
Incomplete product requirements.

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