Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is an intrinsic element within our design process and is the discipline which is pivotal in producing the desired brand look of a product, reliable functionality, ease of manufacture and assembly at a competitive manufacturing cost.

We continually strive to minimise part count, reduce complexity where possible and develop designs that are safe and cost effective to produce.
The thought process for satisfying these high level requirements are at the front of the minds of our designers from the very offset of the scoping phase, right through the stages of early concept development, into the detailed engineering design stage and beyond.

View the Zonal case study as just one example of how i4pd can transform a concept into a precision engineered design for high volume manufacture.

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James, Principal Design Engineer

"Keep an eye on the bigger picture when buried in detail."
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James - Principal Design Engineer

What’s the biggest ‘project killer’?
Incomplete product requirements.

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