Electronic Engineering

Our in-house electronics team have a blend of consumer electronics, industrial and medical industry expericence. We have worked on a wide variety of Processors, DSPs and Sensors. There is also a degree of specialism in optoelectronics within the team but on the whole we are generalists due to the wide variety of projects that we work on.

We employ a system engineering approach, producing early design concepts and top level architecture to frame the development work. Modelling and simulation are then used to identify potential issues early and provide confidence in both architecture and performance. In addition to bespoke electronic design we also support redesigns for the purpose of new functionality or sourcing of alternative parts.

Our electronic engineering capabilities include:
- System, board and chip level design
- Digital, power & analogue
- Cost reductions & obsolescence
- Bring-up and debugging
- Processors and DSPs (e.g. ARM, TI, NXP)
- FPGA design
- Sensors (Analogue and Digital)
- Optoelectronics; Photo Diodes, APDs, Silicon Photomultipliers, CCD, CMOS Sensors etc
- Interface design; Bluetooth, Wireless, Ethernet, USB etc
- Power management and portable device battery power design
- Compliance testing; EMC, radio, safety, etc.

Meet the key member of our team

Istvan, Principal Electronics & Systems Engineer

On graduating from ISEN group – an Electronics and Digital Engineering School in France – Istvan relocated to Scotland where he started his career as a Hardware Engineer for Edinburgh Instruments and Optos (a Nikon company). He was responsible for designing a new generation of gas sensors for Edinburgh Instruments and worked on various modules of the ultra-widefield medical scanners for Optos. Through his experience, he acquired a strong knowledge in electronics design and more specifically optoelectronics.
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We strive to find new, better, and more efficient design solutions.

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