Meet Bronagh

Employee Director & Project Manager
i4 Product Design's Employee Director

Bronagh has a background in Product Design Engineering which is where she started her career. She graduated from a Business Leadership Program in a previous company where she gained experience in both Project Management and as a people manager. She has been working as a Project Manger for many years now and has worked on products from a wide variety of sectors (mostly highly regulated such as medical devices).  Additionally she now operate as a QMS auditor at i4PD which fits well with her passion for improvement and finding more efficient ways of operating.  Her experience in implementing change has meant she is able to be vocal about the wants and needs of others which works well in the Employee Director Role.


What is the role of an Employee Director?

The Employee Director role is an elected role by the employees of the company, to be an active and engaged member of the board for i4 Product Design.  I must ensure I listen to the questions and concerns of the employees as owners of the company, and my role on the board is to represent those employees.


How did you become Employee Director?

Every 2 Years the employees of the company can vote for who they wish to become the Employee Director. Within the same vote employees can also say if they would like to run for the Employee Director role themselves.  Bronagh's manifesto to the employees about her proposed approach to the role resonated with the i4PD team and was voted in to represent the ideas of the wider company to the Board of Directors.  


What interests you?

Just now with young children in the house, Bronagh's time is spent with the family, often outdoors and enjoying our holidays by the seaside or the odd trip away to Europe.   In a few years she plans to get back on the water, as she is longing to teach her son to sail when he is old enough.  But you can also find her in the garage making gifts, decorations or trying something new with her laser cutter.

"An empowered team with good design & development processes will turn problems into solutions."


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