i4PD's Patented Kinetic Energy Harvesting Device

June 28, 2024

i4PD's patented design paves the way for introducing kinetic energy harvesting into consumer electronics.

In June 2024, i4PD's patent was granted for a mechanism which can allow an energy harvester to be actuated a series of buttons rather than the traditional on/off functionality.

This innovation frees up the adoption of kinetic energy harvesting into practically all wireless remotes. Historic uses of kinetic energy harvesting switches have been restricted to light switches and door contacts. Some companies have evaluated the use in more sophisticated devices like BLE remotes with 4 or more buttons but previously this has meant using multiple harvesters (1 for every 2 buttons) which can be costly compared with batteries. With i4PD's patented design you can reduce the cost and complexity by using only one harvester with a mechanical coupling. 

Our data sheet below provides further details on the performance of such a batteryless system.

More information on the patent can be seen here:
WIPO - Search International and National Patent Collections

Get in touch if you would like to evaluate freeing your current or future product from batteries.

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