Get to Know: Emily Gormley - i4PD's new Design Engineer

June 20, 2024

i4PD welcomes Emily Gormley to the team as a Design Engineer.

Emily studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Strathclyde where she graduated in 2023 with a First Class Honours degree. Having studied and grown up in Glasgow, Emily has also spent time in London developing her skills as a design engineer. We sat down with Emily for a chat about her design journey so far and what she'll be working on at i4PD. 

Summary of your background

I've always been really curious about how things work. I love taking things apart, figuring out why they work, and enjoying the challenge of putting them back together. During my time at university, I interned with Shark Ninja in London for a year. It was an amazing year for building experience. I worked in the heated team and helped bring a new coffee machine to the U.S. market. Alongside graduating, seeing a product I worked on go to market is one of the proudest moments of my journey so far. 

Emily Gormley - Design Engineer - Work 2
Emily Gormley - Design Engineer - Work 1
Emily Gormley - Design Engineer - Work 3

ShredTex - Emilys university honours project


What is your role at i4 Product Design?

I'm a Design Engineer at i4PD. I'm assisting with the design and development of new products, with a focus on functionality. Design engineering combines creativity and technical expertise which are two disciplines that I'm really interested in. It's rare to find a career that encompasses both! I'm looking forward to soaking up as much new information and experience as I can get. 


What interests you?

I'm a big crafter... I love creating things! Drawing, illustration and crocheting are some of my favourite pastimes outside of work. I also love to cook, there's nothing better than sitting in for a great meal around a table of good friends.  

What are your 3 favourite product designs?

Apple Pencil - Life is easier with this product! I can sketch and draw without the hassle of the associated materials. The feel is amazingly realistic. I've spent time using a graphics tablet in the past and the positive difference of using the apple pencil makes the two solutions incomparable.  

Air Fryer  - Until I eventually bought an air fryer, I was a non-believer. I thought air fryers were just glorified ovens. The convenience and size is amazing, it halves my cooking time and I've even made focaccia and full roast dinners in there. I'm definitely a convert! 

Pentax Point and Shoot Film Camera  - There is something so fun about taking a picture and not being able to see it. I love the contrast it gives from the experience of digital phone photography. The process of film development is fascinating and having something tangible at the end makes it fun.  

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