StarForm 3D time-of-flight camera

Odos Imaging
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Odos Imaging is a technology focused company specializing in the development and manufacture of sensor systems for the capture of high-resolution, time-of-flight, 3D video streams. 

i4pd was selected to develop the enclosure for the Odos Imaging Real.iZ VS-1000 vision system 

Odos Imaging - StarForm 3D time-of-flight camera
Odos Imaging - StarForm 3D time-of-flight camera


The Odos Imaging brief called for a modular enclosure system that would also provide a customisable platform to suit the requirements of their customers. The enclosure had to be thermally efficient, mechanically precise, and communicate the Odos Imaging values of professionalism and quality.

i4pd initially developed the appearance and mechanical design to a level sufficient to procure a test rig model, which Odos Imaging could use to check the thermal and optical characteristics. After thorough testing the team was able to fine tune the design, incorporating laser light modules in the process.


We were delighted to hear that odos imaging had won the prestigious Vision Award 2014 at the biannual VISION 2014 exhibition in Stuttgart; the premier event for the machine vision industry.

Odos Imaging - StarForm 3D time-of-flight camera
Odos Imaging - StarForm 3D time-of-flight camera

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