i-Limb Ultra

The i4pd team wanted to communicate the values of the Touch Bionics product range: professional, robust, elegant and ergonomic.

Touch Bionics
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Touch Bionics is a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies, supporting people with upper limb deficiencies through a range of products and training.

The company commissioned i4pd to design and construct a small batch of demonstrator units, to aid sales and marketing of the ‘i-limb ultra’ prosthesis.

Background Touch Bionics - i-limb ultra
Approach Touch Bionics - i-limb ultra


In addition to supporting and controlling the ‘i-limb ultra’ through a demonstration cycle, the product had to also provide a platform for a novel battery system which would be easy for the user to replace.

i4pd worked through product architecture, industrial design and detail engineering phases, in consultation with Touch Bionics, before procurement and build of a small batch: all delivered within a compressed timeframe and to meet the client deadline.


A professional demonstration aid was developed that has since aided the company's sales and support team to convey the operation and key benefits of their unique bionic hand. We have seen the company go from strength to strength, including their recent acquisition by Össur. i4pd has continued our support since this project with a variety of mechanical engineering for the company's plastic and silicone based components.

Result Touch Bionics - i-limb ultra

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