i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

December 23, 2020

Audio devices, bicycle technologies, and kitchen appliances have witnessed many unique innovations in 2020. In a year where the word 'unprecedented' became ubiquitous, the world of design saw products being created with unique features that nobody has seen before — there was a shift from products being developed for outdoor use to having more practical applications closer to home.

Introducing the TOP 12 round up of 2020, i4pd take a look at the top releases that captured the team's imagination over the last 12 months and they would like to find beneath the Christmas tree.

i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

Tristan - Aftershokz Aeropex Bone Headphones

The 'Aeropex Bone' headphones by Aftershokz feature bone conduction technology that transmits audio waves to the wearer's inner ears through the skull, bypassing the eardrums completely — A perfect solution for clear sounding video calls with maximum comfort. They are worn on the cheekbones, just in front of the ears.

"They're ideal for working from home and cycling as you can still hear ambient sounds." 

Allan - LEGO Colosseum

Made up of 9,036 pieces, the LEGO Colosseum is not only the largest brick set the Danish company has launched to date, it’s also been designed to mimic the incredible architecture of the original Roman amphitheatre, making it a building project to savour and a set to marvel at. The model features a recreation of the three distinct stories from the Colosseum, with each of these stories adorned with the columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders. 

i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020
i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

Istvan - Magnic Microlights Contactless Dynamo Bike Lights

Magnic's 'Microlights' are the world's smallest non-contact dynamos, that are integrated with electronics and a lighting system in the brake shoes — The design allows them to generate their own light power without using any batteries. Each time the rim spins by the generator small amounts of energy are created, delivering just enough to power the LED lights to illuminate the pathway and allow the cyclist safely to be seen.

 "It was meant to be a 2020 release and I can't wait to test them!"

Ben - Garmin Descent Mk2 Dive Watch 

Garmin's 'Descent Mk2' is part of its next-generation suite of dive products with features for both underwater and on the surface. In addition to a larger 1.4-inch sunlight readable colour display, leakproof inductive button technology, and customizable in-dive data fields, its design has the manufacturer's everyday smartwatch features and makes it one of the most sophisticated and connected wrist wearable dive computers.

i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020
i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

Lisa - Magimix 5200XL Premium Food Processor

Dubbed the best food processor in the world, Magimix's 5200XL Premium food processor is the ideal product to cater for lots of people. It provides a helping hand for busy people and it is considered a valuable addition to the kitchen. With the largest capacity in the French manufacturer's food processor range, the 5200XL has the capacity to knead up to two loaves (1.2 kg) at once and grate up to 1.4 kg of vegetables in its main bowl.

"Now that I'm responsible for a 1 year old this will help with the limited time I have to prepare meals."

Andrew - Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The 'QuietComfort' Earbuds by Bose debut advancements in hardware and software to continue the success of the American manufacturer's headphones. Each bud measures just over an inch long and weighs 0.3 ounces — about the same as a 10 pence piece. They can perform like every QC before them, transforming even the harshest environments into hushed sanctuaries.

"Perfect to keep out the bad news of Brexit and COVID!"

i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020
i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

James - CeramicSpeed Chainless Drivetrain

Created in collaboration with the University of Colorado’s Mechanical Engineering Department, CeramicSpeed has crafted a chainless drivetrain that claims to half the friction of a traditional chain and derailleur system. The design forgoes the chain, derailleurs, and pulleys, reducing the number of friction points. The Swiss manufacturer says that the system increases its efficiency at higher speeds; when a cyclist hits 380 Watts of power, efficiency increases to 99 percent. 

"Not sure if it's in production yet, but I'll happily wait for one."

Martin - Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell Luxus Table Lamp

Fritz Hansen's 'Kaiser Idell Luxus' Table Lamp by Christian Dell features a brand shade and curvy form. A part of the Kaiser Idell series, this table lamp was originally released in 1936 and became a stand out of the collection. A timeless symbol of Germanic expression, high quality materials, and precise engineering, it looks elegant in many interior locations. Additionally, the base and shade can each be simply adjusted based on user needs.

"A reproduction of a classic design that's built to last the test of time."

i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020
i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

Rachael - HOTBIN Mini Home Composter

The 'HOTBIN Mini' is a smaller compact version of the HOTBIN composter packing in all the original features along with new ones into a compact, slimline unit suitable for smaller urban gardens. The bin reaches temperatures of 40-60°c which allows the efficient composting of waste more quickly. Food and garden waste can be added that is recycled into rich compost in just 30-90 days helping to reduce waste sent to landfill.

"My mum has one, it's like feeding another member of the family only with scraps."

Reg - D.I.Y. Hurdy Gurdy Musical Instrument

Based on the 15th Century musical instrument, Ugears has created an intricately detailed, fully functional hurdy gurdy that people can build themselves. The finished model looks remarkably akin to the original version, giving it a convincingly medieval aesthetic. This wooden educational model has a highly detailed décor of the body crafted in romantic style and turns both the assembly and playing process into particularly fun games.

i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020
i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

Marco - Apple Watch Series 6

Apple's sixth generation of its smart watch has an integrated blood oxygen feature that offers users even more insight into their overall wellness. The 'Series 6' delivers noteworthy hardware improvements, including a next-generation always-on altimeter, along with a tasteful palette of case finishes and bands. It's software update brings family setup, sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, new workout types, encouraging people to be more active, stay connected, and better manage their health.

Dougie - CUBE Attain Road Bicycle

The 'Attain' road bicycle by CUBE is the manufacturer's introduction to the world of silent speed, freewheeling, and new adventures. It combines proven technology with a selection of reliable components, so the rider can concentrate on enjoying the road ahead. Shimano's smooth-braking 'Claris 2x8' components and grippy Continental tyres ensure that its set to tackle any road.

"This looks like the best road bike I can find, so I'm not using my 22 years old Claud Butler mountain bike all the time."

i4 Product Design Picks TOP 12 Wishlist of 2020

And of course, we are all looking forward to welcoming an exciting 2021 with optimism and the new challenges that it brings. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year from the team at i4 Product Design.

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