i4 Product Design Announces New Brand Identity

November 25, 2021

A new identity for a new era. Since its foundation, i4 Product Design has experienced evolutionary change over the past 18 years; from working on complex systems involving cutting-edge electronics, to the Company now being 30 people with a new generation of leadership. Today, i4pd announces a new brand identity and website further modernising the consultancy. This design decision has been 4 years in the making, with initial planning beginning in 2017 for the business to enter employee ownership, with it becoming fully operational in the Employee Ownership Trust during 2021.


During the pandemic, i4 Product Design continued to invest in its skilled team and prototyping facilities, helping the business evolve at a quicker rate than ever before in its history. The i4pd portfolio expanded during this time to over 1000 completed client project, each with its own distinct design challenge. To date, every solution has been realised at i4pd’s centre of excellence next to the scenic Pentland Hills in Edinburgh. However, in response to the increasing demand for the company’s support, i4pd has now opened an office in design-centred Shoreditch, London.


optos lisa website i4pd


The introduction of the i4pd ‘paperclip’ logo answered the call from the company’s new owners - the staff themselves - for a confident, technical, and contemporary form. Featuring a structural style, it reflects the highly technical and integrated nature of the design studio’s work for its clients. The paperclip is an ingenious, simple, and cost-effective means of holding different ideas together in a coherent order, reflective of i4pd’s role in the design and development process.

In response to i4pd’s client needs, the company has been gradually incorporating new disciplines to its service offering. Specifically, the company has been growing its electronic engineering and software development capabilities to the point where this team now mirrors the headcount for the company’s industrial design and mechanical engineering teams (the original focus of the business). This strategic move enables the business to offer an integrated approach to product design and development for its clients.


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