i4 Product Design Announce Technical and Leadership Transition

December 8, 2021

i4 Product Design, a national leader in product design & development services, today announce that co-founders Ewan Maxwell and Gordon Miller, have respectively stepped down as the company’s Technical and Development Directors, but will continue to be part of the i4pd team. Fellow co-founder Brian Combe will continue in his role as Managing Director, Tristan Elliott as Business Development Director and Marco Miglionico as Employee Director.

Maxwell and Miller have extensive experience with company leadership, as well as design and engineering expertise. Throughout their careers, both have demonstrated significant skill and an understanding for designing successful products, working with manufacturers, and augmenting technology and service capabilities to add value for not only start-ups but established businesses.


Maxwell, now Senior Product Design Engineer for i4 Product Design comments,

“We reached a stage in our careers where we thought, how do we step back but leave the company in a good place for the benefit of the staff who've worked hard for us over the years? From all of the options we considered, Employee Ownership ticked an awful lot of the boxes that would help us achieve our goal of leaving the legacy of a sustainable and profitable company.”


ewan lisa working i4pd


Miller, now Project Manager for i4 Product Design comments,

i4 Product Design has now evolved and grown up, and we have so many talented people working in the company, that it gives people like myself and Ewan the confidence that we can start taking a step back. We can see that there are highly capable people at i4pd and as we’ve have been working really hard since founding the company 18 years ago, it’s nice to feel that we can now settle down a bit.”

“One of the key standouts for me is the repeat business we’ve enjoyed, the result of building up relationships with clients to better understand where they're going as a company and being there to support them all the way on their journey. Part of the reason for our growth is on the back on the successes of our clients, something that brings me great pleasure and what helps make us more successful as a design company.”


gordon working optos i4pd

Marco Miglionico serves as Employee Director and has been an employee elected member of the Board of Directors since January 2019. He empowers the wider team by acting as a bridge between employees, management, and the board, ensuring that each member of the team’s voice is heard. He is responsible for driving Employee Ownership initiatives that help employees understand how they can affect business as part of the Employee Ownership Trust model and supports the employees’ engagement in moving business improvement strategies forward.

Miglionico, as well as a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer for i4 Product Design comments,

“Gordon and Ewan’s stepping back has been a long time in the making, with the whole team having consistently been informed of the intended leadership transition plans. We’ve already had some terrific people join the management team and have some further exciting plans to enact over the forthcoming year.”


As part of the company’s growth model, i4pd has been gradually incorporating new service disciplines since 2018; i4 Product Design now offers Electronic Engineering and Software Development capabilities as part of its service offering. This strategic move enables the company to offer a wider range of product design & development capabilities for its clients, all from within its Edinburgh based design studio.

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