Meet i4PD's Multi-award Winning Graduate Product Designer

August 7, 2023

i4PD are pleased to have recruited Anna Hardie to the company's Industrial Design team this month.

Anna has recently graduated from Edinburgh Napier University with a First Class Honours Degree in Product Design and previously obtained a HND in Actuarial Science from Heriot Watt University. Anna’s final year project ‘tabs’, a smart scale tracking system focussed on encouraging sustainable practice in the household, won Best in Show at her University degree show and the Kenwood Appliances Award at New Designers 2023.

To introduce Anna to the wider team and our client's we asked Anna to share a bit about herself and previous design work.

What interests you?

Long walks between charity shops looking for the hidden gems, sketching and people watching and trying not to kill my various houseplants. But the best kind of day for me is hours spent in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

What are your 3 favourite product designs?

Kenwood CO600 3-in-1 Can Opener – I have used this product all my life, I even stole it from my parents when I moved out and had to use a manual can opener for the first time. It makes an annoying task simple, the organic form fits my preferred design style and makes me nostalgic.

Circular&Co Reusable Coffee Cup – An everyday useful product. The push-top closure means you can chuck it in your bag without leaks and has 360 degree drinking, a real pain point for me with other coffee cups. It’s also made from recycled single-use cups which is always a plus!

Joseph Joseph Tota Easy-Empty Laundry Basket – The compact design gives you a 2-for-1 in space whilst still holding a few loads. The floating bags are lightweight with hidden handles and seamless to pull in and out, great usability and attention to user needs.

What your role is at i4PD and what you are looking forward to the most as part of the role.

My role at i4PD is Graduate Product Designer. I’m looking forward to building upon the skills gained in University through work on real projects, seeing the process through from concept to manufacture. The nature of consultancy work means I will get the chance to experience a mix of projects, allowing me to discover which area of design interests me the most. I hope the vast range of medical based projects i4 takes on will allow me to contribute to products that will improve and potentially save the lives of the user.

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