Welcoming i4PD's new Graphic Design and Marketing Executive

March 15, 2024

i4PD welcomes Ross La Trobe to the team as a Graphic Designer and Marketer.

Ross completed his Product Design degree last year, achieving First Class Honours and an award winning degree project. Throughout his academic journey, Ross' dedication to presentation and visual aesthetics led him to recognition from institutions such as the Royal Society of Arts and Lego.

Ross' degree show presentation. A modern looking bicycle helmet retail space mounted on a studio wall. Ross consulting a client whilst working on computer designs.A coffee table with Ross' self published book presented on top.

Summary of your background

I have always been driven by a love for creativity and visual aesthetics, so it feels only natural to have pursued a career in graphic design and marketing! My journey started with a keen interest for graphic design and photography at school, shaping my path towards studying product design at the University of Dundee. I love considering presentation and storytelling in my work. I definitely have a soft spot for print media too.

What is the role of Graphic Design and Marketing executive at i4 Product Design?

I’ll be looking after the graphic design and presentation outputs here at i4PD. Additionally, I'll be working with the business development team to grow our marketing presence. One of the best parts of my role is its collaborative nature. I’m looking forward to working with everyone, who I’d like to thank for their warm welcome.

What interests you?

Cycling puts a smile on my face without fail. I’m enthusiastic about anything from downhill mountain biking to ultra endurance road missions. If I’ve managed to puncture all of my tyres, you’ll probably catch me out running, or perhaps perusing record shops for some mysterious white labels.

Ross riding his bike

What are your 3 favourite product designs?

Nintendo Wii – I think the Wii console is an extremely impressive piece of design work. The Wii facilitates interaction, hilarity and competitiveness across all generations. This product is a true testament to incredible research, design and testing. I'll always pursue the chance to pull out the Wii during Christmas time and let a ‘Wii Sports’ family battle commence.

Technics SL1200 Turntable – When I look back at photos and videos of iconic DJ’s, there is always one thing in common – the Technics SL1200 turntable. This product has undeniably stood the test of time (released in 1972) and managed to perfectly balance every designers nemesis... the tightrope of function vs form. It’s incredible to think that a product designed in 1972 is still the industry standard more than 50 years later.

E-bikes – Recent improvements in battery tech have left many of us considering how we can use electric bicycles to our advantage. I’m a huge advocate for making cycling more accessible. It’s great to see that e-bikes are encouraging more people to cycle their commute or consider giving riding a go. If you’ve ever tried an E-MTB, you’ll know you probably wanted to buy one straight away!

Nintendo Wii
Technics Turntable
Electric Bicycle
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