How to achieve rapid hardware development

April 24, 2024

In this article, we'll share the rapid hardware development steps our consultancy has spent 20 years perfecting, resulting in maximum quality hardware products, developed in minimum time.

Product Design isn't an easy business... everyone involved knows that time is the most difficult factor to keep on top of. Achieving rapid hardware development is essential for getting a product market ready quickly. Adopting this approach without compromising on quality requires a meticulously efficient approach and a team equipped with the right expertise and resources.

Team and Expertise 

Our fantastic team of hardware and software engineers bring invaluable experience and innovation to our electronics design process. Working within a larger team of other discipline specific designers (we are a multidisciplinary design consultancy), our team is well-versed and ever reliable in delivering complexed rapid hardware development projects across a multitude of industry sectors. 

i4PD electronics engineer Istvan working on rapid hardware development prototyping

Efficient Processes

An effective project begins with an absolute understanding of our clients requirements. By working closely with them to define all of their specific needs and objectives, we can ensure that no time in wasted and immediately work towards the end goal.

Utilising Existing Libraries 

Over our years of delivering successful client projects, we have developed and extensive range of libraries for pre-existing components and template designs. For an asset to earn a place in one of our libraries, we have deemed it as reliable and of great quality. This process is something that anybody can implement into their work, however, working at our scale for over 20 years leaves us in an exponentially strong position. This approach allows us to accelerate the development process and ensure consistency and reliability in our solutions from end to end. 

We maintain close relationships with manufacturers to keep our libraries ever growing with industry leading components. Involving manufacturers in our network enables us to access approved and high-quality components efficiently, speeding up the procurement process. 

Components library shelf as part of the rapid hardware development process

Testing and Compliance  

Ensuring regulatory compliance from the outset of a project is massively important. Our engineers have years of experience in EMC testing and compliance, further strengthened by our strong links with test houses and our in-house regulatory services. Often, regulatory requirements can catch people off guard when they are nearing the end of their project – this is one of hardware designs biggest time pitfalls...  

We provide clarity about the regulatory requirements surrounding a product from the get go, negating the need for a frustrating backtrack further down the line. 

Prototype testing as part of the rapid hardware development process

Design Reviews  

To increase the probability of a first-time working prototype, we run continuous detailed design reviews  within our team for the duration of the project. Adopting a collaborative approach allows more eyes over prototypes, helping address potential issues early on to minimise rework and delays. 


A luxury to have –  essential for rapid hardware development. At i4PD we have a full in-house electronics lab featuring ESD protection, testing, and rework equipment. This allows us to carry out rapid prototyping, testing, and debugging. Our facilities ensure that the hardware development process is handled under one roof, another major time saving gain. 

Our dedicated electronics lab ensures time saved for rapid hardware development

Saving time during the course of a hardware design project involves stacking a multitude of marginal gains for a large time overall time reduction. Understanding and implementing these into a design process takes experience and practice, our engineers at i4PD have done a fantastic job at keeping our process ever efficient. 

To have a look at a selection of previous projects, please have a look at our portfolio of case studies.  

If you’ve got a new product or idea you would like to develop, book a call to speak to one of our experienced engineers to discuss the next steps towards rapid hardware development.

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