Industrial Design

At the outset of a development project we research the market, consider what competitors are doing and determine what is perceived as good or bad practice. We evaluate ergonomic and accessibility issues as well as mechanical challenges such as ruggedness or performance in harsh environments. At the same time we consider how to realise the client’s aspirations for the look and feel for the product and the brand.
The concept generation phase is where we challenge the product research, explore alternatives and stretch our creativity to introduce new ideas. This formative and iterative process is where real team work comes into play, validating the concepts from inception through to a pragmatic point of transition into detailed refinement within the subsequent engineering phase.

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Marc, Principal Designer

From a consultancy background, with over 14 years of product development experience, Marc brings a broad knowledge of manufacturing processes, an enthusiasm for problem solving and a wealth of experience in taking projects from initial concept through to production.
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What’s the biggest ‘project killer’?
Incomplete product requirements.

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