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 Through an iterative process between i4's engineers and the Husqvarna's Industrial Design team, a "cutting edge" product was born.



To take industrial design “A” surface CAD model, assess viability for manufacture, break out each constituent component and provide final engineered CAD data suitable for integration in Husqvarna's production process. 


Our Approach

Through an iterative process between our engineers and the Husqvarna’s Italian ID team the “A” surface concept was developed to provide the appropriate clearances and structure to accommodate manufacturing techniques and internal hardware. Beyond this the model was broken down into its constituent parts, each part then engineered to include clip, boss, draft, shutout, ventilation and split line features. All mechanical components such as the blade adjustment dial were engineered to meet durability and functional properties. 

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By the end of the project we had delivered a powerful, safe, easy-to-use chainsaw with very simple maintenance. The product went on sale in 2010 and has been well received since its launch. Reviewers on Amazon have given the product a 4.3 out of 5 rating and often quote the lightness of the product as one of its key features.

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